Mystery Mark, the Movie

I don’t remember doing much of anything last summer that wasn’t connected in some way with Mystery Mark. I ate a lot of meals in Scott’s backyard where our tireless crew of volunteers constructed masks, puppets, and sets out of little more than paper mâché. The community effort was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and it resulted in an illustrated novella, a short animation based on the Midlife Dragon scene, and a live theatrical installation that we made free to the public.

A few weeks after the show closed Skye Grace Bennet from Montana Mafia Productions told us that she and cinematographer Kier Atherton wanted to turn Mystery Mark into a short film. We dragged the whole set out into the woods and shot it in one day. Local actor and patron of the arts Cathy Capps was kind enough to lend us her land for location.

One year later editing and color are done. Travis Yost did a bang up job recording the live score by Cash for Junkers.

And now here it is at last, in HD, just for you: the surreal and strange and unapologetic 15 minute short film: Mystery Mark.