Nothing in Mind

“Light as air and deadly serious.” -Molly Laich, The Independent 

by Josh Wagner
cover art by Joshua Hagler
cover design by Colin G. Wright
publisher: Asymmetrical Pres

This collection of stories, poems, and essays combine many of Wagner’s most penetrating short works with a handful of new and previously unpublished pieces, including:

  • A secret mythology of American pioneers.
  • The tale of a suicidal dragon who makes a remarkable self-discovery.
  • A play about a man digging up the bones of his old partner.
  • The quest of a fake Jehovah’s Witness who goes door to door to find a friend
  • A fable about a moon full of water.
  • The saga of a simple man who decides he no longer needs to breathe.

Along with essays on inspiration and courageous living, short fiction that is surreal, whimsical, and sometimes horrific, poems of nature, passion, justice, and more…

Full Interview

Online content and adaptations

Sky (Video)
Voice (Video)
The Midlife Dragon (Animation)
I Need to Take this Thing that I Love and Get Rid of it Immediately (Audio/Text)
The Changing Things (Audio) – Coming Soon
Buffalo Jump
Fell (Video)
Voice (Audio)
The Changing Things
Symbiotic: A Love Story
In All Directions