Smashing Laptops 2nd Edition


Well, it’s a pretty exciting day for this little author. The release into the wild of my first novel published by people who are not me! The second edition of Smashing Laptops, now available through Asymmetrical Press, comes with a brand new face, some shiny new editing, and even a little extra content (yes, there’s a new last chapter) is up on Amazon and getting ready for wider distribution. The cost has dropped, the clouds have parted… I’m reminded again of how much I love Missoula, leaving and coming back, the thrill of the road and the comfort of home.

Pick up the book on Amazon in print or kindle versions.

You can read free chapters at

Also, I thought I’d re-share this great little teaser John Nilles put together a couple years ago when the book first came out.

If you can’t watch it here for some reason, Check it out on Vimeo.